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"This cool, incendiary rites of passage novel is the real deal." -- Irvine Welsh, best-selling author of Trainspotting

"Bill Hillmann's The Old Neighborhood is like a right hook to the chin with brass knuckles, crackling with both bravery and urgency." -- Joe Meno, best-selling author of Hairstyles of the Damned




now available anywhere books are sold including Barnes & Noble
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"Chicago's best non-fiction writer." —Chicago Reader

“Raunchy, funny and vivid...Those faint of heart beware...strap in and get ready for a roller-coaster ride to remember."  —Kirkus Reviews

“Amazingly crass, defiant, witty, terrifying, and wondrous...[Irby] cuts the bawdy, wickedly funny pieces with some truly poignant palate cleansers...Irby’s voice is raw, gripping, and...Delicious." —Booklist

"There is no summing up Sam—no writerly preface, no small-talk tidbits, no rundown of vital stats that can suffice. She is irreducible, like a prime number, or a quark [...] Irby's writing has a powerfully intimacy, a direct connection between her and her readers. On the page, she's more an essayist than a storyteller per se, with the essayist's intellectual habits—exploring ideas, contradicting herself, poking thoughts to see if they burst, and then reveling in the mess." —Chicago Reader

meaty by samantha irby



ZERO FADE by Chris L. Terry 



now available most anywhere books are sold, including Barnes & Noble


"Kevin Phifer, 13, a black seventh-grader in 1990s Richmond, Va., and hero of this sparkling debut, belongs in the front ranks of fiction’s hormone-addled, angst-ridden adolescents, from Holden Caulfield to the teenage Harry Potter [...] Original, hilarious, thought-provoking and wicked smart: not to be missed. —Kirkus Reviews

"Reading Chris Terry's Zero Fade offered me a glimpse into a cultural experience that isn't mine, but that I could recognize immediately. Vernacular as world. On the surface, it's just language. But this novel isn't surface. The characters speak in rhythms that reveal emotions not identifiable by just words, but I'll name them nonetheless: humor, sadness, confusion, joy, revelation. It's all here in Terry's first novel, a novel that is practically carbonated, how it sparkles and burns." —Lindsay Hunter, author of Daddy's and Don't Kiss Me

"Zero Fade is a "funny and insightful coming of age story, which takes place in the 1990s hip-hop era, [and] is a standout story in children’s literature, in which many more black male protagonists are needed." —Richmond Times Dispatch

"Zero Fade is wise and wise-assed, hilarious and subtle, knowing and searching. We need writers like Chris Terry, unafraid to plumb the complexities and absurdities of race and identity with grace and funk." —Adam Mansbach, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Rage is Back and GO THE F**K TO SLEEP.

Zero Fade Chris L. Terry


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