Eight Days of Splendor: Day Eight

By Naomi Huffman

Apparently, Christmas (or, as we like to call it, The Day of Drunk Uncles, Gifts We Pretend to Like and Weird Glazed Ham) is eight days away. Eight! And guess how many books we're releasing this spring and summer?

That's right.

And so we bring to you: EIGHT DAYS OF SPLENDOR.  

It's like the Twelve Days of Christmas, but without the maids-a-milking and the geese-a-laying and the lords-a-leaping or whatever. Who needs all that shit? 

Anyway, each day until Christmas, we'll tell you all about one of our eight forthcoming 2014 titles and introduce you to the author. You can even purchase a Curbside Gold Membership to receive ALL EIGHT for $50! Sure, they won't arrive by Christmas, but you'll receive them as they're published throughout the year. The gift that keeps on giving, if you will. 

We know you will.


by Ryan Kenealy
July 2014

Animals in Peril

These Midwestern narratives are about our relationships with animals, including a coronary thrombatic Shih Tzu, a decapitated skunk, and a runaway roan. But the collection is mostly about the humans in these stories, experiencing the sort of pain that simultaneousely seems to reduce us to animals and separates us from them. 

Ryan Kenealy currently lives in Chicago with his wife and cat. He began his career selling novelty items at a flea market on a dirty street near Cleveland Hopkins Airport and has since worked for the circus in Chicago and sold pot roast in Japan. These stories originally appeared in Open City, Another Chicago Magazine, and Bridge, among others.

The Empty Bottle Book

By Victor David Giron

Last week, Chicagoist interviewed Curbside President Victor David Giron about our newest project: The Empy Bottle Book.

The Empty Bottle

Tentatively titled Empty Bottle Chicago - An Oral History: 20 Plus Years of Piss, Shit and Broken Urinals, the book will feature stories and interviews from musicians who've played the venue, the fans who'v watched them, and anyone else who's stepped through the doors for a drink. It will also include photos and images of old show posters. While much of the material will be solicited from band members and bartenders and bouncers, anyone with a story about the Empty Bottle can submit their own story. In fact, we encourage you to do so—the main focus of the book is to celebrate the community of talented and devoted people who have helped make the Empty Bottle Chicago's greatest venue for live music. 

"The Mad Animal of Happiness"

By Jennifer Schaefer

One year after her father's death, Jennifer Schaefer shared a touching interview with him in the Chicago Tribune's Printer's Row Preview. Ted Schaefer was a local writer and poet whose work appeared in Another Chicago Magazine, Saturday Review, New Letters, and the Village Voice. He also edited for Other Voices and Story Quarterly.

Jennifer, a contributor to Curbside Splendor, also shared with us a beautiful poem her father wrote and dedicated to her when she was a child, called "The Mad Animal of Happiness."  

TMad Animal of Happiness
For Jennifer
Though sometimes we hear it, you and I,
nuzzling lids off garbage cans behind the house,
usually it dwells in our red-walled kitchen
coiled on cold mornings behind the stove. 
I bet it wears its fur in folds like a bathrobe.
Your mother in bed when I'm away has heard it
crunching the driveway gravel with its paws
Wannabe - 37

By Chris Prunckle

Wannabe 36

Wannabe is a blog series by Chicago area artist Chris Prunckle documenting his trials and tribulations as a wannabe artist. Check back next week for a new posting.

Chris Prunckle is a graphic designer, illustrator and comic book artist banished to the suburbs of Chicago. Though an advertising industry minion by day, he slaves his nights away creating a mad little world.  He’s previously worked on the comics Fisted, Bonesetter, and The Scarab.  Follow him at @midjipress.

Spring / Summer 2014 Catalog

By Victor David Giron

Curbside Splendor is thrilled to annouce our Spring / Summer 2014 Catalog. 

Purchase a Curbside Splendor Gold Membership for $50 to receive ALL EIGHT books as they're released this spring (that's about $6 per book!), and be reminded why the voices of independent literature are so very, very essential to reading and understanding the world. 

Download the full catalog here. Distributed by Consortium Books & Sales Distribution.


"A raucous but soulful account of growing up on the mean streets of Chicago, and the 
choices kids are forced to make on a daily basis. This cool, incendiary rites of passage 
novel is the real deal." 
– Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting
"Bill Hillman’s The Old Neighborhood is like a right hook to the chin with brass 
knuckles, crackling with both bravery and urgency.

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